Chapter 1 Here Comes Charlie

18 Jun

We had a great time today in spite of the rain which started in Union Sq and was truly bucketing down by the time we got here!

We had snack (but missed some backpacked snacks in our rush to get inside), read Chapter 1 about the various grandparents squished in the bed….as they all sat on Ellen’s bed.


We learned about how poor Charlie’s family was and how great it is that we don’t have to eat bread, cabbage and cabbage soup every day.  We learned what longing was…

The read-aloud was a little restless but Courtney and I were blown away when I got to the end of chapter 1, said ‘to be continued’ and there was a collective ‘awwww’ of disappointment in the room!

We came downstairs, everyone had one square of milk chocolate and then they could either draw something from the chapter or something they longed for…they got to melt chocolate which was great fun.

randr-3 E & E Melt Chocolate C Melts Chocolate D & N melt chocolate tvtries TV stirs photo(5)

According to the kids, they hadn’t done this before…it was lots of fun..they dropped a square in, stirred it over hot water and one even looked shocked as the square melted and asked ‘Oh!  Where did it go?’  Solid squares won the vote by a small margin (and many kids couldn’t decide which they liked most, solid or melted).

Then there was lots of play.  Inside!


More visuals to follow!


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