Chapt 1 – We meet the Bucket Family and talk about longing

24 Jun

After reading Chapter 1, Tara and the kids talked about longing. Charlie longs for chocolate. After trying a square of milk chocolate, the kids were invited to draw something they long for. Or something they remember from the chapter. Or whatever they want.

Here is what they came up with, in no particular order.  They are kind of hard to see, drawn in pencil. But if you click on the picture it should open a full sized image.


Jake longs for a lollipop.

Jake and Tyler longed to play freely. Jake quickly drew this lollipop while Tyler scoped out the playroom.







Longing for Cake by Roisin

I want a pet too!

I want a pet too!

First Roisin drew a cake. When others shared some of the pets they wanted, she added how much she would like a dog.








A lollipop with a delicious center

Can I go to bed now?

Can I go to bed now?

Cerys drew a lollipop first. As the youngest member of the Charlie Club, she felt a little overwhelmed and drew a picture of her and her brother’s bunk bed. She just wanted to climb that ladder and be alone!






The Chocolate Factory by Ruby

Ruby drew the Chocolate Factory Charlie must pass everyday. The windows look just like the squares of Chocolate we had just eaten. The gates are surrounded by lollipops.






Dancing bananas

Look at all those bruises on the bananas!

Demerise chose the “or whatever you feel like” part of the assignment. Here are 100 dancing bananas, which are covered in bruises.






Emilia pic 1

Emilia’s list of longing.

Emilia had a long list of things she longs for. She doesn’t just want them. She LOVES them!






Fin has always wanted a bunny.

Fin also drew a chocolate factory with chocolate smells as well as smoke coming from the chimney

Fin drew a chocolate factory with chocolate smells and smoke coming from the chimney


Fin longs for a bunny. He always has.

When we talked about Ruby’s version of the chocolate factory he decided to make one too.





Nancy 1

My big sister’s school is haunted.

Nancy 2

This monster has big hands and is surrounded by ghosts.
Or the Bucket family squished in their bed.

Nancy asked me if I knew that her sister went to a school that was haunted? Here, on the left, is the school, and that is a ghost outside it! Yikes! She lives so close to the school!

She isn’t even scared. Here is a HUGE monster surrounded by ghosts.

Still not scared!






A couple of menu suggestions from Eva, who is STARVING!


Did you see I also drew a toilet?

Eva is starving. So hungry. She drew a picture, and threw it away after she melted chocolate. But she was so hungry, and it was kind of close to pick up and dinner time so I wouldn’t let her get any more snacks. Undeterred, she drew a few things she wouldn’t mind eating. Don’t I know how hungry she is? And then drew a toilet on the back of the paper. That was the side she autographed.





And that is mostly it. Ellen kept her pictures, so they don’t get posted this time.

Looking forward to more adventures this Tuesday. Lessons learned: don’t underestimate how hungry a 5 year old might be. Also, don’t underestimate how much kids want to play together. Although they all talked to me about their pictures, it felt a little like they were just humoring me until I told them it was their turn to melt chocolate with Tara in the other room or they could go in the playroom.

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