Mr Willy Wonka’s Factory (Chapter 2)

25 Jun
We had 10 children at the Charlie Club for chapter 2 (June 25)!
First up was snack on the porch.
IMG_2242Snack time! On the porchcold water on a hot day
After snack, we did a little get-to-know-each-other activity and talked about our favorite candies.  Answers included cotton candy, marshmallows, smores-without-the-marshmallow-part, sherbet fountains and ice cream.

Emelia whispers her answer A new game

Then we read Chapter 2, squished once more on Ellen’s bed, just like the four grandparents and Charlie Bucket.  A number of children shared that they too knew people who were in their 90s (I didn’t push for information for fear that they might name some of you who are clearly miles away from 90!)

We were finally introduced to the magician with chocolate, Mr. Willy Wonka and some of his wonderful creations.  I asked the kids to keep their ears open for the sorts of candies that would be mentioned in the chapter and they could make a guess as to what we would do once we were finished reading.

Ideas included chocolate ice cream that stays cold for hours without being in a freezer, violet-flavored marshmallows, color changing caramels, melting feathery sweets, chewing gum that never loses its flavor, candy balloons and candy eggs with pink sugary birds inside.
After finishing the chapter, we came downstairs and some children drew pictures of the factory, or the grandparents in the bed, or other random things like a chocolate pirate ship, a design, and pikachu while I worked with small groups in the kitchen making our own ice cream that was certainly cold and didn’t need to be made in a freezer.
Ellen drew the bed and the factory

Ellen drew the bed and the factory

Fin draws his picture

Fin draws his picture

Children mixed 1 oz milk, 1 oz cream and 1 tbslp confectioners sugar in a snack-sized ziploc bag….some added vanilla extract too….then they 1/2 filled a sandwich sized ziploc bag with ice cubes to which we added 3 tbslps of coarse sea salt.  Then I sealed the bags and they tossed the bags for a while…and noticed that the bag felt colder and colder the more they shook it (the salt lowers the temperature of the ice) and they did indeed make ice cream!


Making ice cream and drawing

Jake shakes his ice cream

Jake shakes his ice cream

It was pretty chaotic, I mean fun.  As soon as the second group were getting into it, the first group were anxious to open their bags and try their ice cream while the third group were still anxiously waiting their turn.  They generally managed to do this pretty well but it was tricky to keep the ice cream from melting in the heat.  And some observed that their ice cream was salty, so clearly there was some cross-contamination of sea salt….

Once everyone had tried their ice cream (some finished it and others only tried a teaspoonful) we headed out to the back yard for some chocolate ice cream cones!

Next up is Chapter 3 about the colossal palace made entirely out of chocolate…hmmmmmm.

– Tara

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