The Secret Workers (Chapter 4)

10 Jul

Chapter 4 – The Secret Workers

We had 9 children at the Charlie Club for Chapter 4, which Tara read on the back deck.

Tara reads chapter 4

Tara reads chapter 4

We learned about the spies that stole secret recipes from Mr. Wonka, and how the factory was suddenly closed down for a while.  We all knew the story didn’t end there…and it was very hard for the kids ‘in the know’ not to share what they knew about the secret workers whose mysterious shadows are seen in the factory windows at night.

The kids are wondering how the factory is still running.

The kids are wondering how the factory is still running.

When we got to the end of the chapter, there was some questioning as to why Tara only reads one chapter a week.  For now one chapter a week because (as she told the kids) she isn’t so sure they can sit and listen for more than the 10 minutes it takes to read a chapter AND because we have great ideas of things to do after each chapter.

This week we were curious about these mysterious shadows.  The kids split into 2 groups to make their own shadowy figures. Tara explained that with shadows, you don’t really see the details, just a general shape. The kids got right to work!

Creating and cutting out shadows

Creating and cutting out shadows

Working on shadow shapes

Working on shadow shapes


She also gave everyone a little questionnaire to get them thinking about the secret worker they were creating. What is its name? What candy does it make? Does the candy have any secret ingredients?

Creating and cutting out shadows

Giving their shadows a name

Then the kids made shadows and showed each other what they had created.

Creating shadows with a backlit sheet

Laila's "Electric Girl" talks about her mermaid candy that is "gianter than a house"
Shadows at the Willy Wonka factory

They were curious what the other group was doing. Everyone got together in the kitchen to show off their creations.

Showing off the puppets

Showing off the puppets to the other group


Backstage – the backlit theater

The kids were SO proud of their creations!

Laila's "Electric Girl"

Layla’s “Electric Girl”

Ruby's secret worker!

Ruby’s secret worker!

After they showed each other their secret worker puppets in the kitchen, they wanted to do it all over again in the living room!

Living Room Shadow Theater!

Living Room Shadow Theater

We had so much fun and spent so much time on the secret workers, Tara forgot about the chocolate treat. Luckily the kids did not forget. Cadbury’s Chocolate Roses from Ireland.   (Thank you Layla and Siobhan!) The Cadbury factory was an inspiration to Roald Dahl when he created and wrote Charlie and Chocolate Factory.


The kids are surely excited for next week too.  At the end of Chapter 4, Charlie’s father comes running into the room, interrupting the story of the secret shadowy workers, waving the evening newspaper over his head:

“Have you heard the news?” he cried.  He held up the paper so that they could see the huge headline. The headline said:



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3 responses to “The Secret Workers (Chapter 4)

  1. Siobhán

    July 16, 2013 at 2:05 am

    Great stuff! Layla is loving it. Thanks so much Tara for doing this & Courtney for the blog. Ye are simply the best.


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