The Golden Tickets (Chapter 5) & The First Two Finders (Chapt 6)

17 Jul
Read the headlines!

Read the headlines!

Headlines on July 17 were not just about being midweek through another heat wave; but the kids were buzzing that finally and at long last, we were going to hear Chapter 5, entitled Golden Tickets!


After burning off a little energy in front, the kids went straight to the back porch for icy cold water and to listen to chapters 5 and 6. We remembered some of the previous chapters, like how we heard about the shadowy figures that never left the factory.

A Secret Worker Pops Out!

Some kids had a hard time staying with just the chapters we have covered in Charlie Club and not talking about what they remember from reading it before or from a movie version.

Did you know Charlie gets the whole factory at the end?

Did you know Charlie gets the whole factory at the end?

After hearing how Mr Willy Wonka put hid golden tickets inside 5 chocolate bars anywhere in the world, we charged ahead with Chapter 6 to discover that the gluttonous Augustus Gloop and spoiled, rich Veruca Salt had found the first two tickets.


After a quick change for some into swimsuits, we gathered in the back and the kids got straight to work making their own golden tickets. IMG_2352



I am sure Willy Wonka himself could not have imagined such glittery and golden tickets.


When everyone was done with their tickets, the kids played in the sprinkler and had ice pops.  What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon?

See you again in two weeks (or later this week since I am actually posting so terribly late!)

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