Charlie’s Birthday (Chapter 7)

31 Jul

Happy Birthday Charlie!

There were 7 kids at Charlie Club this week for Chapter 7 Charlie’s Birthday.  In this chapter, Charlie’s four grandparents lie in bed watching with eager anticipation as Charlie opens his one and only present, a bar a chocolate.  So the kids returned to Ellen’s bed as Tara read the chapter.

Tara reads chapter 7IMG_2858

While Charlie’s birthday in the book was not especially happy or particularly fun, the Charlie Club gave him a party he deserved. Starting with Pass the Parcel.  Pass the Parcel is a very British party game, the kids pass a present that has been wrapped in many times, the person holding the present when the music stops gets to open a layer, and hopefully win a prize. The gift got pretty small as the game went on!


We then went outside to play Blind Man’s Bluff.  In this game, the “blind man” must find a friend and identify them only by touch.

Ellen has a little trouble identifying her catch!

Ellen has a little trouble identifying her catch!

The kids had lots of fun outside chasing balloons, drinking lemonade, and blowing bubbles from cookie cutters.

chasing2 bubble1 bubble2 lemonade

There was plenty of time for free play.

backyard3 backyard2 backyard

Before everyone went home we sang happy birthday to Charlie and had some ice cream, complete with a candle.

IMG_2938 hurray icecream mustachio

Happy birthday Charlie!

Chocolate face

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