Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble (Chapter 9)

12 Aug

Oh, Summer! How your long sunny days of no school and summer camp can impinge on the best semi-hastily arranged plans. This week’s Charlie Club was originally going to have 9 members, but with summer camp and camping and vacations, Aug 12 saw 6 kids arrive, which was eventually brought up to 8. And thank goodness for Leah who helped me execute my semi-hasty plans for a craft.

Anyway, 6 kids gathered in the living room at School St to listen to Chapter 9: Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble. In this short chapter, Grandpa Joe gives Charlie his secret stash of money for one more chance to win the Golden Ticket.  After some fumbling and trembling fingers, hesitation and giggles, they open the candy wrapper…


They did not win.

Most of the kids thought for sure this was the week Charlie would get his golden ticket. After we finished reading, the kids started to create their own candy wrapper. Their assignment: to design a candy bar like the kinds that Mr Wonka makes. They were each given a pencil and piece of paper to get started.


Cerys went straight for the crayons. Forget this first draft pencil business

But after a few minutes they found that some of their design was going to be left up to chance.  First they pulled some words out of the hat to describe their candy bar.  Some of the words Leah and I came up with were: Rainbow, Crunchy, Creamy, Super, Amazing, Delectable.  The kids did a great job sounding out their words – added and unexpected literacy bonus!  Leah had typed them up and cut them out.  She also provided the words “Chocolate Bar” so if the kids wanted to glue their words onto the wrapper to make a label they could.

IMG_3377Finding the right words

Making a first draft

Fin gets the word “Delicious” to incorporate into his wrapper

When they thought they were ready to start decorating it, they had to pick a color that would need to be included in their design.

And finally, the media used to decorate. Although no one was limited to JUST what they had pulled from the hat, it had to be used.

Yes, I used a Sombero for the last chance part


Eva uses Glue and Markers on her wrapper


After they had started Ruby and then Emilia got back from their summer camps.  Everyone had had long days and were tired. But everyone worked so hard on their wrapper.

Ruby wasted no time getting straight to work

Ruby wasted no time getting straight to work


Emilia did NOT want to choose pink as a color she would work with

Emilia did NOT want to choose pink as a color she would work with

After everyone finished their wrappers we put them aside to dry and went outside for some Mango Sorbet!

Emilia isn't so sure about today's treat

Emilia isn’t so sure about today’s treat

Cerys LOVED it!

Cerys LOVED it!

We are taking another week off with vacations and end of the summer fun.  Before school starts up, and after Tara and Ellen get back, we will read Chapter 10: The Family Begins to Starve. I would like to dedicate that chapter to Eva.


Is this the only snack or treat?

Thanks again to Leah for helping me keep the club going another week without Tara. I couldn’t have done it with out you!


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