The Family Begins to Starve (Chapter 10)

29 Aug

Well it had been over two weeks since the Charlie Club last met.  In these two weeks, lots of kids came back from their vacations – we had 12 kids this week, many of whom felt shy after the summer away. But that was not all that changed, Tara read chapter 10:

“During the next two weeks, the weather turned very cold.” Tara pulled out a blanket to keep everyone cozy for the chapter.

"The weather turned very cold"

“The weather turned very cold”

Not only is it very cold for the Bucket Family, but we learn Mr Bucket has lost his job. He is shoveling snow to try to make money for food, but it is not enough. At the end of the very sad chapter, Charlie finds some money stuck in the snow.  It means just one thing to him. “It meant FOOD.”

Inspired by all this snow and ice, the kids made some icy snowflakes.  First they took some pipe cleaners and the wrapped them together.  They then hung them from a string.

Inspiration, pipe cleaners and string

Inspiration, pipe cleaners and string

When the snowflakes were ready, they were hung in a container.  We mixed Borax with HOT water and made sure they were completely submerged – but not touching.  We put our names on the string with some tape so we would know who made what.

Tyler's snowflake

Tyler’s snowflake


And, assuming you put enough Borax in to crystalize, overnight they look like this:




We also had a little fake snow to play with. This was made with baking soda and conditioner. It felt cool and kind of stuck together like snow!

Eva plays in the snow

Eva plays in the snow

Cerys makes a snow mountain

Cerys makes a snow mountain

But mostly the snow was a HUMUNGOUS mess. So although there were supplies to make more, we just stuck to playing!

After all the snow and ice, we found some Euros (wrapped in plastic not snow).


So we went outside to play and enjoy the treat.


See you again on Tuesday – back at Tara’s house!


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