The Miracle (Chapter 11)

03 Sep

There were 12 kids who gather on September 3. After assembling as usual on Tara’s front porch – and knowing ahead of time today we would by tie-dying – the kids were still surprised things would be a little different this week.

We aren't going upstairs first?

We aren’t going upstairs first?

Tara brought the kids to the backyard.  After a quick demonstration of different ways to tie a shirt to prepare for dying the kids got to work! In no time the t-shirts were tied.


The kids put the t-shirts in a soda ash solution to soak.

IMG_3839 IMG_3840

While the t-shirts soaked, we stayed in the backyard and Tara read Chapter 11, The Miracle.


In Chapter 11, Charlie uses the money he found in Chapter 10 to buy a candy bar, which he devours. Then he decides to buy just one more. “Charlie picked it up and tore off the wrapper… and suddenly… from underneath the wrapper… there came a brilliant flash of gold.”

Well, OF COURSE we had to play pass the parcel after a line like that. Plus we needed the t-shirts to soak a bit more and a way to determine the first dyers. So this game of pass the parcel was to see who would get to dye their t-shirts first. A golden $100 bill with the number 1 on it won.  I don’t have a picture of this enterprise. I am pretty sure it would have looked just like this:

Anyway, after we established who would be first to dye the shirt she (or he) tied, the kids also had a chance to play in snow. Charlie was “running through the snow as fast as his legs would go.”

Each kid got a tiny pile of powder and the opportunity to add water to it to make fake snow. Some chose to scoop water, others just a little dropper at a time.

IMG_3852 IMG_3849

Emilia and Cerys pooled their piles and worked together


Meanwhile, 2 at a time, the kids were dying their shirts.


After playing with the snow a bit, we decided to add a bit of color.

IMG_3853 IMG_3855

It was lots of fun, and the kids seemed pretty engaged.  It was also a HUGE mess!  (Sorry Tara – this was my bad idea)


But it always end well when it ends with a treat! This week it was yummy gummy rings!


Rinse your new t-shirts out, give them a wash we will see you next week for Chapter 12: What It Said on the Golden Ticket


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