The Big Day Arrives (Chapter 13)

16 Sep

On September 16 Charlie Club met at Perry Park. First we had some snacks. Or some homework. Or played while holding a snack.

IMG_3929 IMG_3937 IMG_3935

Then Tara gathered everyone together and read Chapter 13, The Big Day Arrives.


In this chapter all five lucky winners gather outside the gates of the Wonka Factory, waiting to go in. Crowds of people are held back by the police trying to get a glimpse. It says, “Behind him, Charlie Bucket could hear the shouts of the people in the crowd as they pushed and fought to get a glimpse of the famous children.  ‘There’s Violet Beauregarde!’ he heard someone shouting. ‘That’s her all right! I can remember her face from the newspapers!'”

People also recognize Charlie, because the last chapter ended with the reporters swarming into his little house. But we never actually see the articles that were in the papers, as we did with the other winners. So the kids were given a press pass, then paired up to interview each other, and think about what might have been in the papers. The kids took off running for their interviews!

IMG_3959 IMG_3950 IMG_3948

Despite the fast pace of the news today, they were serious about their assignment.  When we came back together as a group the kids actually had some good questions. “I would ask Charlie how he was feeling, like was he nervous or excited or anxious?”


The kids were given a chance to take some pictures with my phone or ipod  to go with their “articles”.


Here are a couple they took:

IMG_2273 IMG_0987

All the pictures can be found here.

Today’s treat was Pixie Sticks. They lined up to get their treat from Tara, under the climbing structure.

IMG_3957 IMG_3961

Fin noticed his said “Wonka’s” on his. And then other kids noticed they all said Wonka’s on their pixie stick!

Everyone had a chance to enjoy Perry Park and play before it was time to go home.


See you all on Monday Sept 23 at Tara and Ellen’s house for chapter 14.

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