The Chocolate Room (Chapter 15)

30 Sep


Things were a little different on September 30 for Chapter 15.  Well, making our way to Tara’s house was the usual hullabaloo. And wondering if our mom’s had packed extra snacks when we got there was the same too. And Tara reviewing the rules before we went inside: please listen, follow my directions, don’t be too loud, etc, hadn’t changed either. This week Roisin was the line leader, Layla held the door and Ruby was the caboose.

But when we got inside, we changed things up by starting with a song.  Although not a black top hat like the one Willy Wonka wears, we donned a cap and sang, “Tara has the hat! What do you think of that? She takes the hat off, and puts it in her lap!” and around the circle went the hat.


Tara had a surprise for us after we finished the song. We were NOT going to read the chapter straight away. She pulled out a special box. Each kid got had an ingredient or cooking tool to help us make our own chocolate.

Making Chocolate without a Waterfall

Making Chocolate without a Waterfall

With the addition of each ingredient, we smelled everything. And we stirred and stirred.

IMG_4053IMG_4059IMG_4060   IMG_4061 IMG_4062

Everyone had a role to play.  In between adding and stirring we started on Chapter 15. Eventually it got to the point we could sit down and listen in the living room while we waited for the chocolate to cool down.

As we heard about the amazing smells and the unbelievable chocolate waterfall,each kid got a piece of “Chocolate” play-doh.


After we finished the chapter, Tara asked the kids to guess what they were holding. Fin had a bit of an unfair advantage and already knew. Then Tara revealed A LOT of play-doh.

IMG_4068 IMG_1137

There were 8 different kinds of playdoh and we tried to guess the scents. Or just get straight to playing…


The kids guessed: chocolate, peppermint, cinnamon, mango, strawberry (there was no strawberry) ok then cherry (no, its not cherry) peach? (no, it’s not a fruit) I know! Strawberry! (no, it is not a fruit – its a nut), huh?, lemon, medicine, soda, coconut, shampoo, and of course chocolate.

The actual scents were: Chocolate, cinnamon, grape, orange (with a touch of mango), lemon, coconut, peppermint, and almond.  Click here for how to make scented play-doh.

Many of the kids used the play-doh to create a scene. Ruby only as much as she needed to make a picture, and used only the smells she liked the best.


Layla and Roisin worked together at first before making separate pictures.  Emilia couldn’t get enough of smelling them. Cerys just mashed it all together in a big lump. Fin made a flower. Ellen made 2 chocolate rivers. Jonah made a huge and detailed in depiction of the chocolate room from the chapter.

IMG_4082 IMG_4079

Then it was time to go home. Our treat today, was the chocolate they made themselves, cooled down just in time for parents arriving. It was a very full week!


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