Augustus Gloop Goes Up the Pipe (chapter 17)

14 Oct

Despite the long weekend and no school, Charlie Club carried on. We gathered together on Columbus Day and played in the leaves while we waited for our friends to come.

IMG_4109 IMG_4111

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Now in the year twenty thirteen, we pile up leaves for a trampoline

Leaves on our clothes, leaves in our hairs
Get these leaves off before we head up the stairs!


Once upstairs we got in a circle for the Hat Song, and Sticky BubbleGum, before Tara brought everyone through to the kitchen. Everyone got to try one vegan chocolate chip (YUM!) which was then melted bit by bit in the microwave.

IMG_4132 IMG_4129

We all took turns stirring up the chocolate after it had a few seconds to melt in the microwave.


Then we took turns making our own chocolate dipped pretzel sticks!

IMG_4137 IMG_4143

Finally it was time for Chapter 17. We remembered how the last chapter ended with Augustus scooping chocolate out of the river and into his mouth.


Although we knew Augustus would go up the pipe, this chapter was still full of surprises. Like Willy Wonka’s fear that Augustus would dirty the chocolate, or Mr. Gloop not wanting to save his son in his best suit. But up the pipe Augustus goes, and, apparently on a journey to the fudge room.  As Mr and Mrs Gloop hurry away to find him, “the five Oompa-Loompas on the far side of the river suddenly began hopping and dancing about and beating wildly upon a number of very small drums. ‘Augustus Gloop!’ they chanted.”

At this point in the story, we hear a distant beat (a metronome app on Courtney’s phone) and Tara had our line-leader (Eva) hand out tiny drums for the kids.


“‘Ssshh!’ whispered Grandpa Joe. ‘I think they’re going to sing us a song!'”

And then, to break things up a bit, I read out the Oompa-Loompa chant about how the “disgusting and infantile” Augustus Gloop was sent up the pipe in order to be made into something more palatable, “For who could hate or bear a grudge, against a luscious bit of fudge?”


At the end of Chapter 17, the longest chapter we have read so far, the kids wanted more! “Let’s read another chapter this week!” We were shocked! But as tempting as it was, there was craft inspired by this chapter yet to come. .

The kids each got their own Augustus Gloop to draw on and decorate.

IMG_4148 IMG_4150 IMG_4151

And then fill with stuffing:

IMG_4152 IMG_4157 IMG_4167

Then finally send their Augustus into the pipe of their choosing!

IMG_4161 IMG_4165 IMG_4169

Everyone got a little pipe to bring home too.


4 pm came much too soon, but it meant we could try our pretzels and go home!

Can’t wait for next Monday, when we sail down the chocolate river.


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