Down the Chocolate River (Chapter 18)

21 Oct

Last week Augustus Gloop went up the pipe, where will our adventure take us this week? I wonder if anyone could predict?  Actually, this week was all about predictions.

After collecting on the porch and eating a snack if we had one we went upstairs. If you are keeping track: Cerys was the line leader, Ruby held the door and Delia was the caboose.


Once upstairs, Tara kicked things off as we have the last few weeks with the hat song, followed by Sticky Bubblegum song. Then, before we started the chapter, our line leader handed out clipboards and pencils. This chapter is not the longest so far (that was last week) but also not the shortest.  The kids listened and were occupied with drawing (if they chose to) while they listened.


In this chapter, “a most fantastic pink boat” made “by hollowing out an enormous boiled sweet” takes us down the chocolate river and deeper into the chocolate factory.

Here’s a question, how buoyant are boiled sweets? Well, we would soon find out. After we finished the chapter, we put our shoes on and headed outside, clipboard in hand.


Tara explained that we would each pick out a piece of candy (Tara had lots to choose from).


Then we needed to ask the other Charlie Clubbers if they thought our candy would sink or float.


After we had at least 8 votes (which meant we had asked most of the people there) we could run an experiment and test if it does float. Then, record the results of our experiment.

IMG_1197 IMG_1185

Turns out boiled sweets are not buoyant at all! They sunk straight to the bottom! So do Lifesavers. But delicious 3 Musketeers will float and still taste great after – even without front teeth!

Emilia chose Skittles.


and it did strange and wonderful things in the water!

IMG_1190 IMG_1191

We watched while the colors swirled off the the Skittles slowly dissolved. Eventually the little tiny ‘S’s’ printed on each Skittle rose up while everything dissolved!


But, as usual, it was 4:30 far too soon and time to go home. Everyone was sent off with 2 candy Lifesavers as a treat (which we learned are not the least bit lifesaving if you happened to shrink and find yourself drowning in Tara’s backyard).  We were also all sent home with a couple of bits of Taffy.


Rumor has it that although they sink there is a way to make them buoyant.  Homework for the club: make your Taffy float!

And as if TWO lifesavers, TWO bits of taffy were not enough, they also got their TWO pieces of paper, the experiment/voting sheet and their chocolate river page from the chapter.


Next week we will stop the boat and enter one of the rooms! The Inventing Room (Chapter 19). Next week will come shockingly quick, and I will have to fudge the dates on this post to make it look like I am not doing it so late.  (Insert nonchalant whistling)

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