The Great Gum Machine (Chapter 20)

04 Nov


We made our journey up Walnut on November 4 and went straight to work checking the giant mazes we finished last week when we arrived at Tara’s porch.

IMG_1219IMG_1217 IMG_1228

Once inside, Tara read Chapter 20: The Great Gum Machine. The chapter begins with Mr Wonka leading “the party over to a gigantic machine that stood in the very center of the Inventing Room. It was a mountain of gleaming metal that towered high above the children and their parents.” He turns the machine one, and shakes and rumbles and hisses. He presses another button and “a giant whizzer started whizzing round inside the enormous tub. … Gradually, the mixture began to froth. It became frothier and frothier…”

Tara stopped reading to ask if anyone knew what “frothy” meant. Some kids thought it meant cold (frosty). To help us understand frothy, she set up a little experiment. The kids dripped a clear liquid (vinegar) onto a powder (baking soda) until it got frothy and changed color (food coloring).

IMG_1236 IMG_1241 IMG_1247

The kids guessed what the liquid was (they mostly guessed water) and the powder (they were pretty sure it was made partly from rotten eggs or some other garbage) and the color (they all guessed food coloring or paint).

Then we finished the rather short chapter, to learn that the huge machine had made just one small stick of gum.

If you could make a great gum machine, what would it look like? Or would you make a machine that made something other than gum? The kids were given a chance to make their own machine. First they picked out a piece of Styrofoam.  Then selected materials to build with.


Then they created some amazing machines.

IMG_1282  IMG_1285 IMG_1290 IMG_1296 IMG_1299IMG_1283

Next week we will find out about that magical piece of gum the machine made. This week we tried a piece of Juicy Fruit gum as our treat.


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