Good-by Violet (Chapter 21)

11 Nov

On Veteran’s Day 2013 we officially started the final third of the book, and we sent Violet off in style.

We started Charlie Club with the Hat Song, which had been on hiatus for a couple weeks. After the hat song we got comfortable and Tara read Chapter 21: Good-by Violet. The rather long chapter begins with Mr Wonka describing his “latest, greatest, most fascinating invention” the “chewing gum meal!”

With that fresh in our minds, clipboards were handed out so the kids could draw what meals they would have their gum machine create, or they could whatever they liked, as they listened to the rest of the chapter. 

IMG_4262 IMG_4265

When we finished the chapter, the kids could share their drawings and ideas if they wanted.


Once we shared our thoughts and pictures, we started to talk about today’s craft. Tara brought out an example.


We would be doing papier-mâché.  Papier-mâché means chewed paper, what a perfect way to make a Violet Beauregarde.  In the kitchen stations were set up with paint brushes, homemade paste, blue paper strips and a balloon. The kids went straight to work covering their balloons with a first layer of blue strips and sticky paste.

IMG_4269 IMG_4274 IMG_4279

Once they were covered in blue, different shades and patterns could be added.


It was a lot of work, it was great to have some Oompa-loompas on the scene to help out.

IMG_4276 (640x427)

Once everyone had finished Violet’s body, they were hung to dry and we returned to the living room. We’ll finish off Violet next week.

IMG_4282 IMG_4287 IMG_4286

Tara brought out Thanksgiving flavored gumballs for everyone to try.


The gum might taste like turkey, cranberry or pumpkin pie. Do we have to try it? Despite fear of the unknown and what had just happened to poor Violet, almost everyone tried one! I was pleasantly surprised by my turkey gumball!

IMG_4295 (640x427)

IMG_4298 (640x500) IMG_4296 (640x508)

After trying the gum we got shoes and coats and went outside, for yet another treat! Vegan mini-cupcakes with violet colored frosting.

IMG_4306 (784x800)

And if they finished it, there were actual blueberries.

IMG_4305 (800x533)

Once outside, Tara introduced a new friend.

IMG_4308 IMG_4310 (800x533)

The kids had lots of fun pushing poor Violet around the backyard!

IMG_4315 IMG_4311 (800x668)

Before we knew it, it was time to go home. And boy, was it devastating that we could not have two (or three) cupcakes before we left!

Just one more?

But I’ve only had TWO!

Next week we will continue deeper into the factory, as we go Along the Corridor.

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