Along the Corridor (Chapt 22)

18 Nov

It was unseasonably warm November 18, the week after we bid goodbye to Violet Beauregarde.  We were excited to see where we would end up for Chapter 22. After snacks on the porch, we began with the hat song. And we had a new Willy Wonka styled hat!


The chapter begins with Willy Wonka saying “we’d better get out of this room quickly before we lose anyone else!” and they race down the halls and corridors of the factory as fast as Willy Wonka can go.  Oh the rooms they pass!  LICKABLE WALLPAPER FOR NURSERIES, HOT ICE CREAMS FOR COLD DAYS (not at all necessary when its 60 degrees in November), COWS THAT GIVE CHOCOLATE MILK, and FIZZY LIFTING DRINKS.  “Fizzy lifting drinks” lift you right off the ground like balloons, and the only way down is to burp. At which time, Tara said this was the one chapter where it would be ok for everyone to burp!
The short chapter ends when they come to a door with SQUARE SWEETS THAT LOOK ROUND.

We talked about some of the rooms they passed when the chapter ended. Hot ice cream makes no sense at all. If its ICE cream it can’t be hot! And then there was EATABLE MARSHMALLOW PILLOWS, which some thought might be delicious  but Jonah would throw out.


Tara brought out a HUGE tray of marshmallows and hundreds of toothpicks. The kids got right to work.

IMG_4331 IMG_4334

And while some kids managed to make a variety of creatures or complicated shapes using only toothpicks. IMG_4338 IMG_4341

Others found their face to be a more interesting media to work with…

IMG_4339 IMG_4340

While working on their marshmallow creations, the kids also had the chance to work with Tara in the kitchen to finish up the Violet Beauregarde they started last week.

IMG_4345 IMG_4351

They kept saying they were done with the marshmallows.


But then go back and adding more, making their marshmallows creations more complex.

IMG_4349 IMG_4346 IMG_4347

We tried to get outside to enjoy some of the warm weather. How did it get so dark so suddenly?!?!!

IMG_4352 IMG_4356

Luckily it was nearly time to go home. Enough time to get today’s treat (a blue gummy smurf) and take all our things home.

IMG_4354 IMG_4359

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