Veruca in the Nut Room (Chapter 24)

02 Dec

Boy! I sure have gotten lazy with the CharlieClub posts… We met over three weeks ago at Tara’s house to say goodbye to Veruca.  Tara, however, was quite the opposite, she kept the kids busy and working from the moment she started Chapter 24.


As Tara read Chapter 24 she asked the kids to draw a picture of Veruca. The first step was to lay out Veruca in pencil.


As the kids finished with pencils, they could then outline it in Sharpie and color the picture in with colored markers. Some were ready to do this while she read, and some colored it in at the end of the chapter.

IMG_1426 IMG_1428

In this chapter, Veruca Salt bursts into a room where squirrels are sorting nuts. After Veruca comes in, the squirrels determine she is a “bad nut” and toss her down the garbage chute, with her parents following after her.

As Tara finished the chapter, most of the kids had finished drawing their pictures. It was now time to add some garbage! Tara brought out lots of scraps of tissue paper and craft supplies, glue and scissors.

IMG_1431 IMG_1430

This was only the beginning of poor Veruca’s transformation and trashing!


In the kitchen, the kids found acorns (nuts), paint, and boxes. In pairs, the kids put their Veruca in the trash (box) rolled acorns and paint across poor Veruca!

IMG_1437 IMG_1438

She came out covered!



It was such fun! Some of the pairs were extremely energetic in the acorn rolling!


Jonah didn’t want to cover the picture he worked so hard on, but he solved this by making a separate picture for rolling on.


Fin discovered that the acorns make a perfect spinning top.


It was a very busy day.

Before we realized it, it was time to go home. The Verucas stayed at Tara’s house to dry. All the good nuts remembered we should get a treat. Today’s treat was lego candy treats. Yum!


There are now only 2 children left: Mike Teevee and Charlie himself!

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