The Great Glass Elevator (Chapter 25)

09 Dec

The date: December 9. The time: After-school. The place: Courtney/Cerys/Fin’s house.



Turns out walking to a new place takes a WHOLE lot longer. Especially when there is snow to poke at, or kick and ice to pick up and trees to whack and … who knows? It took everyone a long time to get to Courtney’s house! Luckily it took the kids not coming from the Argenziano a while to get there too!!

Once we got to School St headquarters, we started working on our treats!

Step one: icing on graham crackers:

IMG_4462 IMG_4463

It was tricky. The crackers had a disappointing tendency to break!


Next add the candy canes to make them sleds.


And decorate with some sprinkles. Once everyone had finished they were put aside to have at the end. Eva kept a good watch on them!


By now everyone had arrived and was ready to hear chapter 25: The Great Glass Elevator. The chapter begins with Mr Wonka noticing there are only 2 kids left. Poor Mike Teevee is so tired he wants a rest, so Mr Wonka suggests taking the elevator. The walls, floor and ceiling are made of thick clear glass. Willy Wonka tells the kids that “This isn’t just an ordinary up-and-down lift! …This lift can go sideways and longways and slantways and any other way you can think of!”

Once Mike Teevee picks a room (Television Chocolate) the elevator “leaped away as if stung by a wasp. But it leapt sideways!”


The elevator “rushed on at the speed of a rocket, past many amazing sites. “Everyone grab a strap. The journey’s not over yet.”


Just when Mrs Teevee is nearly sick in Willy Wonka’s hat, the elevator screeches to a halt and the chapter ends!

Time to get started on the craft. First, carefully cover a glass jar with some watered down glue.

IMG_4475 IMG_4476

Next add some sparkle!

IMG_4478 IMG_4481 IMG_4479

IMG_4484 IMG_4482

Charlie Bucket stared around him in astonishment. This was the craziest lift he had ever seen. There were buttons everywhere! The walls, and even the ceiling, were covered all over with rows and rows and rows of small, black push buttons! There must have been a thousand of them on each wall, and another thousand on the ceiling!


Even with all the projects and the late start, there was still time to play and explore. The kids wanted to just be left to play!


No one look at the camera!


It was a busy day: a long walk, the craft/treat, the crazy roller coaster chapter, the great glass lantern, playing, Tara leaving for Ireland…  Just as well we are taking a break for a few weeks, today knocked the wind out of at least one little girl.

Cerys, about 45 minutes after everyone left - in pjs and asleep on the floor.

About 45 minutes after everyone left I find Cerys in pjs and asleep on the floor.

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