The Television-Chocolate Room (Chapter 26)

06 Jan

After a long break and a lot of snow, the weather cleared up and Charlie Club met again on January 6 at our School Street location. After shedding boots, jackets and getting a quick snack (if we felt like it) Tara started things off by getting everyone to stand in a circle to try out a fun new game.


It was kind of like Operator or Telephone, but a little different. She asked each person whisper something they liked about the holiday break to the person next to them. That person could then either repeat what they heard, or say something different that THEY liked. It was hilarious!


It started with snow, but ended up with languages known only to themselves.  After we had a chance to share what we heard and what we liked over the break, it was time to sit down to hear the story.


In this chapter they enter the Television Room. It is so bright they can’t see anything without special glasses, and what they can see is a little scary at first. Charlie notices the Oompa-Loompas working in complete silence, “watching them, Charlie experienced a queer sense of danger. There was something dangerous about this whole business, and the Oompa-Loompas knew it.”


However, Willy Wonka is hopping up and down in excitement. He gives somewhat dubious explanation of how televisions work, and explains that he plans to send chocolate into homes by television. Then he has an enormous bar of his finest chocolate brought into the room – an Oompa-Loompa pulls down a large switch – and the chocolate disappears!

‘Watch the [tv] screen!’ he cried. ‘Here it comes! Look!’
The screen flickered and lit up. Then suddenly, a small bar of chocolate appeared in the middle of the screen.
‘Take it!’ shouted Mr Wonka, growing more and more excited.
‘How can you take it?’ asked Mike Teavee, laughing. ‘It’s just a picture on a television screen!’
‘Charlie Bucket!’ cried Mr Wonka. ‘You take it! Reach out and grab it!’
Charlie put out his hand and touched the screen, and suddenly, miraculously, the bar of chocolate came away in his fingers. He was so surprised he nearly dropped it.

Can you imagine taking something out of the television? We talked about what it would be like after the chapter finished. Would you pick chocolate or something else? How would you know you could take it and it wasn’t a picture? Jonah wondered if took something out and everything in the TV came with it? You could pull the whole scene and landscape out too?

Today’s craft would be doing just that. I had an unreasonable amount of gift boxes in the basement, so I cut out a hole to look a little like a TV.


Not the kind of TV you get at Best Buy or Sears

A little inspiration?

A little inspiration?

First the kids needed something to take out of the TV.  I had a bunch of old magazines, some from the era Charlie and the Chocolate Factory written, and they could cut a picture in a magazine, or make their own pictures.


Most of the kids drew their pictures. Looks like I will have those smelly old magazines a bit longer.

After making something to take out of the TV, they could then work on the TV backdrop.


With the magic of magnetic tape (that the kids also used to make bracelets, collars and leashes out of – remind me to be more clear in giving directions) the cut-out thing to remove would stay in place until you pulled it out of the TV. AMAZING!


After working hard, everyone was in various stages of starting or finishing their TV projects. Either way, it was now time for our treat.


I wish I had a picture of the look Eva gave me when I said our treat would be donuts that you have to retrieve with your face.

You see, handing a kid a donut is much too easy. Why make it easy? Especially when there is that handy hole and Tara has an large supply of yarn to use for hanging!

IMG_1596 IMG_1597

So Tara powdered the donuts with sugar and we went to work hanging up donuts for the kids to bite off the yarn. The powdered part was optional.


No matter how you serve them, they seemed to enjoy eating them!


At least they were eaten in much less time than it took to put on coats and boots and find our backpacks before we left.

Next week we are back at Tara’s house, where we can continue to work on our TV projects as we say farewell Mike.

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