The Other Children Go Home (Chapter 29)

03 Feb

I seem to start each post with a weather report. And weather was a distinctive factor for those walking from school.


But we made it up the hill at last, met our other friends and warmed up.

When Tara started to read the VERY short chapter she gave the option of drawing a picture while she read.


They thought that was a good idea.


In this chapter, Charlie, Mr Wonka and Grandpa Joe are soaring in the elevator above the factory, they look down and see the kids leaving, all of them looking VERY different than when they came in.

At the end of the chapter I explained that we had made all the other characters throughout Charlie Club when they were transformed, but we had never done something with Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Mr Wonka. We handed out index cards and asked the kids to draw a picture. They could draw anything, but this craft was going to be the great glass elevator, so they might want to include Charlie, Mr Wonka and Grandpa Joe.


Some kids finished quickly and others took their time. If they finished their picture early, Tara had some Cacao beans that needed crushing.


Once everyone had finished, they were given a board that had straws glued onto the back. Everyone glued their index card onto a board. Then everyone was given a very long plastic cord and some beads. They needed to thread the string through the straws and attach the beads onto the ends so strings couldn’t slip back out of the straws.

Voilà! We had our elevators! It was time to test them!

Working in partners, one person held the middle of the cord.  The elevator was at the bottom, near the ends/beads. The other person pulled the to strings apart and sent the elevator zooming towards their partner.


It was a little tricky to figure out at first, and sometimes we accidentally dropped an end.

IMG_1797 IMG_1795

But it was pretty fun. I made the cord very long, to have it zoom all the way across the room. You might want to cut the strings at home — it might be easier to use it if the strings are shorter. Fin and I noticed that when I held the cord higher up, it worked well.  This was a little awkward because he kept lifting his arms up high when he pulled the strings apart. We also tried tying it to a hook high up on the wall.

All of the elevator-physics took a little longer than we expected. Some of the kids got their elevators to go really fast up the cords. But it was now time for Show and Tell!

Because everyone had something for Show and Tell, I am going to make it a separate post…

… To be continued… here


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