Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (Chapter 30)

10 Feb

Eight months after our first Charlie Club, we come to the final chapter. I am having a hard time writing this post. I feel like after all this time, this entry should be epic, practically operatic. But the actual events were pretty typical: we went up the hill as we have all fall and winter. We went straight to Tara’s kitchen for a snack, as usual. Eva was starving and Cerys wanted Tara to give magically provide her with goldfish. Nothing surprisingly dramatic. Oh well.

IMG_4663 (1024x792)

After snacks we went into the living room. Someone asked if we were going to read the last chapter in Ellen’s room, as we had the first couple weeks. No, we would not be doing that, that was because the first chapters took place with all the grandparents piled into bed. But we did talk about some of the things we had read about over the last 29 chapters, and the things we had done. We talked about making our own tie-dye shirts (Emila was wearing hers!)  and Augustus Gloop or making shadow puppets.  Eva remembered that in the very first week we melted chocolate.

After talking about some of the chapters and our adventures, I handed out a big square piece of paper so they could color while they listened to Chapter 30, which was rather long. There was a semi-circle in the corner of each paper, and they should somehow incorporate the shape in whatever they drew. Tara gave everyone a cup with 7 crayons; everyone had crayons in the same colors.

IMG_4666 (1024x883)

They were so busy that they barely looked up when Tara walked around to show everyone the last illustration in the book.

IMG_4668 (683x1024)

The idea with the drawings was that when they were done, they would all have an individual picture, but they could link up, and be connected with the circle and a common theme.

IMG_4720 (1024x1024) IMG_4721 (898x1024)

I’m not sure my lofty idea was entirely successful, especially since I didn’t center the circle very well – and they are always free to draw whatever they like, so there wasn’t really a common theme. We still got some really interesting pictures. Layla, Roisin and Jonah all used the semicircle to make a sun. Emilia and Ellen both made a chocolate river. Fin used the semicircle to make the mound of snow where Charlie had found the dollar in the end of Chapter 10. Eva used the semi circle to create Augustus Gloop’s large tummy. Cerys drew Frozen.

jonah (1024x984)

Jonah’s prehistoric picture with sun.

eva emilia (467x1024)

Augustus Gloop and a Chocolate River

After we completed both the chapter and our drawings, Tara had a lovely, messy craft lined up for the kids that would take place in multiple rooms! Each table was covered with paper, and each paper had some rectangles on them. The kids were to make finger prints all over the rectangles. “Switch!” “Switch!” They had to make sure they left their mark at every station on every table.

IMG_4672 (884x1024) IMG_4676 (1024x667) IMG_4680 (1024x761) IMG_4684 (682x1024)

After each area was well marked, they were then to create a picture incorporating the fingerprints they saw. They could also add more prints if they wanted.

IMG_4688 (783x1024) IMG_4693 (682x1024) IMG_4691 (804x1024)

To help inspire the kids, Tara walked around with some examples of how fingerprints might be transformed.

IMG_4694 (683x1024)

As the kids worked, Tara asked everyone to put their name next to their picture. Emilia said, “It’s like everyone made my picture because it has everyone’s finger prints on it!” Exactly!

IMG_4700 (877x1024)

Ellen put a question mark next to her name, because had she really made this picture? Or was it everyone? There were some extra rectangles so that Ruby and Delia would be able to make their everyone-art too.

IMG_4707 (814x1024)

Soon, Tara called everyone back to the kitchen, where she had lots of tasty things gathered on the stove.

IMG_4712 (756x1024)

Today’s treat would be Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. Practically rolls off the tongue. In fact, Tara got the kids to say it together a few times! They were so excited they were jumping up and down.

IMG_4708 (1024x683)

After everyone got a bowl

IMG_4713 (683x1024) IMG_4714 (1024x842)

we went to the living room. While we ate the delights, Tara put on the original trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie starring Gene Wilder.

IMG_4719 (1024x824)

The treat was so sweet and so good we had to eat every last drop.

IMG_4729 (682x1024)

My writing here might not be epic — but the Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight was certainly a memorable finale!

IMG_4726 (683x1024)


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4 responses to “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (Chapter 30)

  1. Siobhán

    February 17, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    What a great ride Charlie Club has been for the kids! Thanks ladies for doing a fanatastic job week after week. The kids love of Charlie Club says it all. Cheers! 🙂


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