Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Movie)

17 Feb

If our final chapter was fairly typical, our final Charlie Club movie party was not very typical at all. Starting with when we came into Tara’s house the playroom was open and the kids could explore and play as much as they liked. Not typical.

IMG_4740 (682x1024) IMG_4738 (1024x684)

To the displeasure of Gingy the guinea pig.

IMG_4736 (1024x684)

While some kids played and explored, others went to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate, using the cacao beans ground in previous weeks, with soy milk, sugar and heat.

IMG_4746 (1024x812) IMG_4745 (794x1024)

As the concoction bubbled, we got the orders down for the homemade hot chocolate.

IMG_4750 (683x1024)

The beans made an interesting evolution.

IMG_4753 (662x1024) IMG_4751 (1024x683)IMG_4752

Not everyone was sure they liked it.

Time for the movie!

No, wait! First popcorn to burn/over-salt/spill/eat. (No pictures of that, I was the one messing that up!)

And first aid treatments to poor Emilia who got a nose bleed and a love bite from Gingy (despite being two blood related events with the same victim, they were actually unrelated) (luckily no pictures of that either – busy me!)

While I was in the kitchen battling blood and popcorn, Tara and the kids talked about some of the things they loved about Charlie Club. The full list is below and here.

IMG_4762 (1024x683)

Ok. Time for the movie?

Wait, what movie is this? Not Charlie but Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? The name is different!

IMG_4761 (1024x503)

Is that the only difference? Tara challenged the kids to find 10 differences between the book and the movie. She got a lot more (31!), they were coming so fast and so thick she couldn’t write them all down!  The full list is here.

IMG_4760 (1024x684)

After starting the movie late, we had to stop the movie not once, but twice for bathroom breaks. And stop it to write down and notice some of the differences with the book. It just gave the kids more chances to write what they loved about Charlie Club.

It also gave them a chance to work on some word searches.

IMG_4742 (1024x684)

Here is the list of what everyone wrote about Charlie club:

‘My favorite parts of Charlie Club were…’

making the treat sometimes
all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
getting to know everyone!
evry buty is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when Mike tv gos in the tv !!!!!!!!!!!!
reading the book
eating the treats
all my frends are thar
the treats
eating the treats
reading the book
haveing fun
seeing tara
doing the craft
being crazy
being crazy

When the movie was over, the kids gave the movie experience the thumbs up!

IMG_4765 (1024x684)

And a thumbs up for Charlie Club too!

Tara handed everyone their fingerprint art from the week before.


Ruby and Delia got bring home their own so they could make their own collaborative fingerprint masterpiece too.

IMG_4766 (1024x683)

And with that, it was VERY late and time to slip on the ice during a cold walk home! We left an incredible mess for Tara and Ellen behind: spilled popcorn, toys all over the playroom, dirty cups all over the kitchen, “Showers of dust and broken tiles and bits of wood and cockroaches and spiders and bricks and cement… on the three old ones who were lying in bed, and each of them thought that the end of the world was come.” (OK maybe not that bad!)

But would there be anything to eat? Would we get a treat? Tara had a bag of goodies for everyone!

‘Anything to eat?’ cried Charlie laughing. ‘Oh, you just wait and see!’
[The last line in the book]

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