Some differences between the book and the movie

18 Feb
When we watched the movie of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Tara asked the kids if they noticed any differences between what we read and what we watched. Here is the list the kids gave Tara, and Tara gave me…
IMG_4761 (1024x503)
I asked for 10.  I got 31.  And I’m sure I missed some since they were at times coming fast and furious during the movie
IMG_4763 (682x1024)

1 Different title

2 Oompa Loompas have green hair and orange faces in the movie

3 The movie Willy Wonka looks different, he has no beard

4 The movie starts in a different place

5 The shopkeeper is not fat and he sings a song

6 Charlie has a job!!!

7 Where is Charlie’s dad?

8 There was no teacher in the book

9 There is no birthday scarf for Charlie in the book

10 The golden-ticket-finding-machine works differently

11 There are no newspaper reports in the movie (Mr. Bucket reads the newspaper in the book)

12 The mom in the movie sings and does lots of laundry

13 Charlie goes out alone at night in the movie

14 In the movie a man is kidnapped (man-napped?) for a case of Wonka bars

15 Someone who we think is Slugworth talks to the golden ticket winners when they win their tickets

16 In the movie they go into the factory on October 1 (not February 1)

17 Only Oompa Loompas sing in the book

18 The news reporters didn’t go into Charlie’s house in the movie

19 Some characters are thinner or more wrinkly in the book

20 Mr Wonka didn’t shake everyone’s hands off

21 Mr Wonka didnt tease Veruca

22 There’s no contract or hat/coat grabbers in the book

23 There’s no shrinking hallway in the book

24 Mr Wonka doesn’t scare kids with his cane in the book

25 Mr Wonka doesn’t snap his fingers to call an Oompa Loompa in the movie (he plays a whistle)

26 Charlie and Grandpa Joe don’t drink the fizzy lifting drink in the book

27 There are no geese or golden eggs in the book and where are the squirrels and nuts?

28 There’s no Cream-o-Vator in the book

29 The Oompa Loompas wear different suits in the Television Room

30 Charlie and Willy Wonka don’t hug in the book when Charlie wins the factory

31 The elevator doesn’t go to the Bucket house to get the family
It was so different the kids weren’t too sure if they loved it.
IMG_4764 (1024x684)
No wait, two thumbs up for a movie day and Charlie Club!
IMG_4765 (1024x684)

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