Highlights – what the kids liked best

01 Mar

IMG_4762 (1024x683)

During our final Charlie Club, as they watched the movie, or during a break – the kids could write down what they liked about Charlie Club.

Here is what they came up with.

‘My favorite parts of Charlie Club were…’

making the treat sometimes

IMG_4188 IMG_4143

all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting to know everyone!

passtheparcel   IMG_3848
evry buty is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


when Mike tv gos in the tv !!!!!!!!!!!!

picture 4

reading the book

IMG_3789 IMG_3846

eating the treats

fin.jpg IMG_3862
all my frends are thar

the treats

Emilia isn't so sure about today's treat

Emilia isn’t so sure about today’s treat


eating the treats

IMG_4726 (683x1024)

reading the book

photo(1) IMG_1423

haveing fun


seeing tara

"'Augustus!' cried Mr. Wonka, seizing his hand and pumping it up and down with terrific force."

doing the craft


being crazy


being crazy

dancing.jpg IMG_4111 IMG_4204


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