Retrospective Crafts and Activities Chapters 1-10

06 Mar

A lot happens over 31 Charlie Club meetings. We had birthdays, lost a lot of teeth, changed grades/ teachers, and many of us learned to read over the course of Charlie Club. Here is a quick retrospective on what we did each week:

Chapter 1: Here Comes Charlie (June 18)

In the first week, we started the book piling 10 kids up into Ellen’s bed to listen to chapter 1.

E & E Melt Chocolate

While some of us helped Tara melt squares of chocolate in the kitchen, we drew pictures of the things we longed for.

Chapter 2 Mr Willy Wonka’s Factory (June 25)

We drew some pictures from what he had read, while we made our own ice cream in the kitchen.

Ellen drew the bed and the factory

Ellen drew the bed and the factory


Chapter 3 Mr Wonka and the Indian Prince (July 3)

No longer squished into Ellen’s bed. We stayed on the porch. We divided into 2 groups to make our own castles and structures from food. But we didn’t use chocolate. We used apples.

Roisin - aliens

Roisin – aliens

Chapter 4 The Secret Workers (July 10)

Grandpa Joe tells Charlie that one of the world’s greatest mysteries is how Mr Wonka reopened his factory without every having opened it. It remains locked. All that is known is there are “faint shadows thatsometimes appear behind the windows, especially late at night when the lights are on.”

So we made our own shadow puppets.

Creating shadows with a backlit sheet

Creating shadows with a backlit sheet


Chapters 5 and 6 (July 17) The Golden Tickets & The First Two Finders

It is finally announced that Mr Wonka will open his doors to the 5 lucky finders of Golden tickets. The kids were so excited, they begged Tara to read Chapter 6 as well, where we learn Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt have won tickets.

After the 2 chapters we made our own Golden Tickets.


Chapter 7 Charlie’s Birthday (July 31)

Poor Charlie Bucket, it’s his birthday and he has no party, no cake, and only one present: a chocolate bar that does not have a golden ticket.

So we threw him a birthday party with traditional games like Pass the Parcel, Blind Man’s Bluff,blowing Bubbles, and blowing out birthday candles!

bubble2 IMG_2938

Chapter 8 Two More Golden Tickets Found (August 6)

Tara was not there! She was packing to go to Ireland, that day!! Left to my own devices, I realize this was possibly the scattiest Charlie Club we had! The pandemonium was not unlike Violet Beaulegard’s living room as she is surrounded by reporters, waving her arms and shouting.

We painted the driveway, we read the chapter, we sang some songs, I tried to teach them about money (!) we chewed bubblegum and tried to blow bubbles. We had a scavenger hunt, we couldn’t find anything left in plain sight. The now dried driveway paint sizzled with vinegar, shot from super cheap water guns that didn’t work.  I tried to have a bubble blowing contest, but instead they mixed the bubble solution with dirt to make mud. I turned on the bubble machine and waited for parents to come. This wasn’t even a longer than usual Charlie Club!

IMG_3348 IMG_3359

Chapter 9 Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble (August 12)

Tara and Ellen are in Ireland, but somehow we pull together another Charlie Club. In this chapter, Grandpa Joe takes his last bit of money, to take a chance to buy another bar of chocolate – Wonka’s Nutty Crunch Surprise.  Luckily Leah helped me pull this week off.

The kids designed a new line of chocolate bars by taking words out of a hat to use in the name of the chocolate. They then chance had a part to play determining colors to include in the label, and media (markers, crayons, paint, etc) to include in the design. They had to use what they pulled, but they could add anything else as well.

IMG_3377 IMG_3391

Chapter 10 The Family Begins to Starve (August 29)

We took a break for Tara to get back from Ireland. When we reconvened things were not good for the Bucket family. It is desperately cold, Mr Bucket lost his job and he is shoveling snow to make money, but it is not enough to feed the family.

We made icy looking snowflakes. Some kids (Cerys) also played in some pretend snow, which was CRAZY messy.



Cerys makes a snow mountain

Cerys makes a snow mountain


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