Retrospective Crafts and Activities Chapters 11-20

06 Mar

Our trip down memory lane continues (from here)…


Where was I?

Chapter 11 The Miracle (September 3)

We made tie-dyed shirts! Before we read the chapter we prepared the shirt. Then we read the chapter. In this chapter, Charlie finds the Golden Ticket. We played Pass the Parcel while our shirts sat in a solution. Kids dyed their shirts 2 at time. When we weren’t dying shirts we played with some weird magic growing fake snow.

IMG_3840IMG_3858 IMG_3849

Chapter 12 What It Said on the Golden Ticket (September 9)

We are back in school, and met up after in Lincoln Park. We tried fizzy cola bottles and cola bottle gummies (some were sour and some were not). Then we painted with balloons.

IMG_3905 IMG_3910 IMG_3926

Chapter 13 The Big Day Arrives (September 16)

Inspired by all of the newspaper reports in the book, and all the reporters and onlookers at the gates of the factory – the kids each got a press pass and interviewed each other.  Because we met at Perry Park this week, they had space to move and conducted their interviews on the run.

IMG_3959 IMG_3950

They also got a chance to take some pictures with my ipod, which you can see here.

Chapter 14 Mr Willy Wonka (September 23)

This week, we finally met Mr Wonka and go inside the factory, which is like a maze. Mazes were kind of a theme this week. We drew them in chalk before the chapter, we did them on paper while we listened, and then in teams created GIANT mazes with straws in a big box.

Can you draw a maze?

Can you draw a maze?

IMG_4016 IMG_4027

Chapter 15 The Chocolate Room (September 30)

This was the first week we learned what became a staple for many more chapters, The Hat Song.


Before we read the chapter, we made our own chocolate. Afterwards, we made our own land of chocolate with scented play-doh! We had chocolate play-doh, plus cinnamon, peppermint, almond, lemon, orange-mango, coconut, and the grossest grape smell you can imagine.

Making Chocolate without a Waterfall

Making Chocolate without a Waterfall

IMG_1137 IMG_4071

Chapter 16 The Oompa Loompas (October 7)

Before we read the chapter, we did the Hatr Song again. Then we talked about what we *thought* we knew about Oompa Loompas.  When we read the chapter, we stopped a few times to add to our list, and then made more additions at the end of the chapter too. In this chapter, we learn Chocolate comes from Cacao beans. We explored the beans, and chopped them up. Then we drew pictures of the crazy beasts and beings in Loompa land. We ended by watching a short video or real cacao beans being harvested in the rainforest.

IMG_1102 IMG_1111 IMG_1104

Chapter 17 Augustus Gloop Goes Up the Pipe (October 14)

We met on Columbus day, and made our own chocolate coated pretzels. After reading about Augustus Gloop falling in the chocolate river and getting sucked up the pipe, we made our own Gloops, stuffed him fat, then tried to send him through a variety of different pipes!

IMG_4143 IMG_4164 IMG_4161

Chapter 18 Down the Chocolate River (October 21)

In this Chapter, Charlie’s journey through the chocolate factory continues on a boat made from a boiled sweet. We wondered if boiled sweets were even buoyant? After reading the chapter, we headed outside to make some predictions and experiment with whether some of our favorite treats would float.

IMG_1197  IMG_1190

Chapter 19 The Inventing Room — Everlasting Gobstoppers and Hair Toffee (October 28)
We read Chapter 19 in the kitchen, all the while making a crazy marshmallow and sugar treat. We blended and cooked sugar and marshmallows together, until it had an almost clay-like consistency to bend and build with.
Then we went and worked a little longer on those great big mazes.
IMG_4201 IMG_4228 IMG_4231
Chapter 20 The Great Gum Machine (November 4)
First we tested out the mazes that we finished last week. Then went inside to read chapter 20, where the giant machine whizzes and fizzes, “gradually, the mixture began to froth. It became frothier and frothier, and it turned from blue to white to green …” Tara had an experiment, a demonstration of “frothy” with baking soda and vinegar.
Then, when the chapter ended, we made our own machines with Styrofoam, tin foil, rubber bands, and lots of other materials they could choose to pick from.
IMG_1228 IMG_1247 IMG_1264
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