Retrospective Crafts and Activities (Chapters 21-30)

07 Mar

Here are the final review of Charlie Club in Chapters 21-30 + the movie.

A quick glance at Chapters 1-10 can be found here, and Chapters 11-20 is here.

Chapter 21 Good-by Violet (November 11)

After we read the chapter, during which the kids drew pictures of their ultimate “Chewing Gum Meal” we went to the kitchen to try to make a papier-mâché Violet. Once everyone had covered their balloon in blue paper, they could add more colors and varieties of blue. Once they were all hung for drying, we had Thanksgiving flavored gumballs. Then we went outside for cupcakes and to play.

IMG_4286 IMG_4298 (640x500) IMG_4310 (800x533)

Chapter 22 Along the Corridor (November 18)

In this Chapter, Charlie is running through the factory past many rooms with fantastic names, including EATABLE MARSHMALLOW PILLOWS. Using hundreds of toothpicks and a HUGE tray of marshmallows, the kids got to work.

While they were working, they had a chance to work two at a time to finish up the Violet Beauregarde they started the week before.

IMG_4338 IMG_4351

Chapter 23 Square Candies that Look Round (November 25)

Another short chapter finds Charlie in a room full of square sweets that have eyes that can look around. Using card stock prefolded so it could form cubes, smelly markers, eye stickers and googly eyes, the kids could make their own squares [cubes] that can look around. While the kids worked on their cubes and squares, Tara brought them into the kitchen to make their own lollipops.

IMG_4377 IMG_4391 IMG_4386

Chapter 24 Veruca in the Nut Room (December 2)

A busy week! The kids drew pictures of Veruca Salt while Tara read the chapter. By the end of the chapter, Veruca has fallen down the garbage shoot. So, after finishing our pictures, she got a trashed with the addition of tissue or other craft supplies. Then she was then put in a garbage box with nuts and paint rolled all over her.

IMG_1431 IMG_1441



Chapter 25 The Great Glass Elevator (December 9)

Before we did anything, we started this week by making graham cracker/candy cane sleds. Then, after we read the chapter, we made glittering lanterns with glue, sequins and jam jars.

IMG_4465 IMG_4479 IMG_4480

Chapter 26 The Television-Chocolate Room (January 6)

We had to take a few weeks off for international travel and Christmas break. So, when we returned, we played a fun warm-up game that was a bit like operator. Then, after Tara read the chapter, we started to make our own TVs, extra special TVs where you could pull out whatever was being advertised! We finished it off with air-bobbing for donuts. Donuts on a string.

IMG_1577 IMG_1627 IMG_1600


Chapter 27 – Mike Teavee is Sent by T.V. (January 13 and January 20)

In this chapter, all the characters need to wear glasses because the Television room is so bright. So, the kids designed their own glasses, then went back to work on the TVs. They added knobs, dials and remote controls. After everyone was done, they had a surprise, they were actually on TV. They had a great time presenting their TVs on TV and seeing themselves on the silver screen.

The following week, we finished the chapter then made Mike Teavee with Shrinky Dinks!

picture 3 picture 10

The show is over

The show is over

IMG_1674 IMG_1680

Chapter 28 Only Charlie Left (January 27)

This week, we made our own Gummies! We started them before the chapter. When Tara read, she used another edition of the book, with a different illustrator – Joseph Schindelman. When we finished the chapter, we compared the drawings from the earlier edition to those we were more familiar with by Quentin Blake.

Illustrations for Chapter 28  IMG_4645IMG_4658



Chapter 29 The Other Children Go Home [plus Show & Tell] (February 3)

After reading this chapter we made our own elevators that could go zooming across the room. If some kids were done with a step before others, they could grind Cacao beans into a powder. After we made our elevators, we got into pairs to test them out. Once we tested them out, we had Show and Tell!

IMG_1797 IMG_1790IMG_1814

Chapter 30 Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (February 10)

For our final chapter, we all got some crayons and drew on a piece of paper that had a quarter circle in the corner. The kids had to somehow incorporate the arc into their picture. After we completed the chapter and our individual pictures, we went around making fingerprints all over the house! Which were then turned into drawings.

IMG_4720 (1024x1024) IMG_4693 (682x1024)


The movie – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (February 17)

For our final Charlie Club meeting it was a bit of a party! We had a chance to play in the playroom. Then make hot chocolate with the cacao beans we had been grinding for the last few weeks. When we did watch the movie, we made a list of the differences between the book and the movie. We also made a list of everything we liked about Charlie Club.

IMG_4738 (1024x684) IMG_4751 (1024x683) IMG_4762 (1024x683) IMG_4763 (682x1024)


And that is 8 months and 31 Charlie Club meetings!



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